ONLINE GALLERIES: My original work may be purchased online thru the following reputable galleries. Pricing is the same in all galleries.

Saatchi Art  - original paintings on canvas

Zatista - original paintings on canvas

Blink Art Resource - original art, in Cincinnati ADC Art Design Consultants

STUDIO - Open by appointment and during the monthly art walk at the Pendleton Art Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. Original paintings and hand signed prints. Studio 608.

I am not always in my studio for the monthly openings at the Art Center. I usually post when I will be there. Many works that are not available online are always available through the studio. If you are in or will be in the Cincinnati area, we can schedule an appointment to visit the studio. The art center is in the downtown area of the city.

BLINK ART RESOURCE -  Website - Catalog and Exhibition - Recently at Art Miami 2016 - portfolio and info.

PRICING: The pricing for all works are the same across the board. Online gallery, traditional gallery, studio etc.. In most cases pricing is determined by the size of the artwork and/or materials used. Sometimes where there is a unique size like a deep set canvas, or hand stretched linen, the pricing may vary.  Pricing will also vary depending on the complexity of the work. Prices are set according to sales. If a painting sells for 1000.00 it will always sell for that price or higher. We will never under value the work for future collectors at the expense of past/current and loyal collectors.