Natural Forms

I was happy to be invited to participate in this show. It's a great space and one of the newer Gallery/studio complexes in Cincinnati. Located in the niche' community of O'Bryonville just off Madison Road. If you are in the area please stop in.


Studio News

Can't believe that it's the end of the month again. Art walk this Friday from 6-10. I plan on being there if all goes well.

We had repairmen in the building last week fixing the windows and as a result I had to move a lot of things away from the windows, which included my desk and printer. I still don't have everything back to normal, so I am suspending the online prints until I am back in business. Will not be long. In the meantime I have updated my often neglected page at Fine Art America, with some of the new small paintings, available as prints. I have them available as prints only, but they have several options including, gallery wrap canvas, paper prints, prints on metal, with a lot of options for framing. I am not offering any of the other items such as greeting cards, pillows, totes, phone cases etc... If you do see something in one of those items that you would like to purchase I can add it to the site. Just ask... As always the only work that I make available for prints are the small landscapes and a few works on paper.


I am continuing to work on the small landscapes because my time at the moment is very limited. We are updating all of the Soivohle (my scent work) products and I am also tinkering around with a new Scent Art Installation. Once I have it all worked out with the formulations I will look for a venue. Possibly for something this time next year. It takes a lot of time and effort to create a scent installation....

More good news: After the initial sales from the YWCA Show opening last Friday, I shipped out three more paintings on Tuesday. Not to jinx the sale, I am just going to say a little YAY!!!.. and update if everything goes through. Should have the final word by Wednesday.

Looks like two new commissions could also be in the works, both for landscapes done in the style above. Very happy with all the good juju being tossed my way lately. Sending it backatcha Universe.... till next time...

Updates, Studio News

I have added some of the new small landscapes to the website. They are available as both prints and originals. Some that have been sold are available as prints only.

SHIPPING - These options have been updated. There is a flat rate for US and most International orders. It has also been brought to my attention that locals might want to purchase online and puck up at the studio, so I have added a free ship option for studio pick ups and local delivery.

LARGER PRINTS - Most of the newer art will be available in a larger format soon. I am experimenting with a new paper and may change from the Epson Photo Luster to the Metallic Photo Luster. The matt option will stay the same.

We can print up to 17" wide, so the largest print size that we can create as a signed and dated print is 16". This would leave a half inch white border. Plenty enough for matting and framing. For a matted and framed piece of artwork with an 3" matt the ready to hang artwork would be 22-24" square, depending on the size of the frame.

I am not currently cutting matt board for the prints, but will in the future have some of them matted and framed, and available for in studio sales during the Final Friday art walks.

PRINTER FOR HIRE - As it is now, all of my images are stored on my laptop. I am looking to purchase a new desktop for the studio. As in the past I will once again offer printing services for others who wish to have small run prints made of their images. We have an Epson  Stylus Pro printer that uses Ultra Chrome Inks. The combination of the quality inks and these new exceptional papers it is possible to get a print with well over a 100 years of fade resistance. Add on the fact they we also use an archival UV coating on our prints, the years of print quality can double.

But enough with all the print speak. I will post again when I have a plan in place for this small scale printing service.

FOOTNOTE - Thanks to all who came out to the art reception last night for my group show at the YWCA Women's Gallery. By evenings end I had sold five paintings, with a lot of interest shown for other works in the show.

It is always such great validation of ones work when people buy it. It's one thing to receive compliments, but when people actually want it on their walls and invite the work into the space where they see it every day. It's beyond words the feeling that I get to know that the energies that I expend in creating, can carry on into other spaces, taking on new life and new energy.

Full Circle again...

Life seems to be a series of full circle moments; Those times when we find ourselves wiser but back at square one. I am going through one of those cycles at the moment as I observe my work from years past and the work I am doing now. The work I am doing now is more in line with what I did 35 years ago than what I did 15 or 20 years ago.. I am happy with that, and happy to be at a place in life where I can appreciate it more.

We had our monthly art walk at the PAC last night and I was really happy to be there. Sometimes the thought of being in that position with so many people observing and evaluating my work can be overwhelming and in the past I have had to excuse myself from the festivities on numerous occasions because of it. Now I am happy with the whole thing. I feel different and that is a good thing.

I am also reminded at this juncture of the phrase "absence makes the heart grow fonder" and it truly does. I guess it was meant to be that I had some time away from my art. It has made me appreciate it even more. I also realize that in all of the things I have done, I really love art people the best. They are so engaging and have a genuine interest. There is a truth and honesty in the experience of being around such folks that I have not found in any other endeavor.

Here are a couple of pictures of the studio from last nights art walk. It will only be clean and organized like this until Monday morning..

I have a lot of ideas rolling around in my head and about fifteen in progress canvases. I feel fortunate that I have sold almost all of the small square landscape paintings and I am not sure I want to start work on new ones right now. I am drawn to the horizontal plane, but lately have been working without any distinct dividing lines in the work. It always comes and goes, so I will just wait it out.

Today we lay to rest my nephew Sonny. He was one of my favorite people. Soft spoken, kind and a pleasure to be around. He too was an artist, but never really realized his dream. I hope wherever his spirit lands, he is able to spread his artistic wings and fly to the highest peak. I will miss him.

Open Studio

Join me (us) tonight at the Pendleton Art Center in Cincinnati for the Final Friday Art Walk. The entire building, eight floors of artist studios will be open to the public. Outdoor entertainment, food by Tom and Chee and all the art you can see in four hours. 6-10 pm. Valet parking available.

1310 Pendleton Street, downtown Cincy.

I have rehung the entire studio with new and earlier works of art. We had great response and sales last month and already works on hold before we even open the doors tonight.  I am so thrilled with the great response to my work and have had nothing but positive feedback and love since returning to the city location in late May. This will be my first "real" open studio, as we had been getting the place all fixed up to my liking over the past few weeks. New lighting hung yesterday, a new wall of art (display wall) added. Could not be more pleased with the progress. Come join me, have a little wine and cheese, check out the art and kick off the weekend in style.

Liz Zorn Studio 608...



I spent the day hanging my work for this fridays art walk. I have more of the pieces from late 90's to 2002, plus the work done over the past few months. It is arranged in a somewhat chronological order, thus the panoramic reference.  I have reached the end of the road with the larger canvas do overs (for now) and will be starting out next week with some fresh canvas prep. I don't mind painting over things. It is really a good way to NOT get overly attached to the work.  I do however have a fully formed idea of how I want to move forward, based on the last pieces. MOre of the same but less noise. More "The Long Goodbye" and this color palette of neutral tones with spots of color. Interestingly The Long Goodbye was not really a paint over as much as it was a repair and finish. I had ripped a big hole in the canvas and filled it in with modeling paste. Adding in more texture to even it all out. I really like how it turned out. 

I will also begin to use some of those panels I prepped a few months ago. I have three large ones. 32x48 that I am going to cover with a coarse linen instead of the paper I was using before. This is the same linen I used for the found object work from the 90's. It is a perfect surface for applying heavy texture. This also means that I will likely go back to stretching my own canvas again. I had been using pre stretched canvas, but it has it's limits. Not to mention the smoother surface. 

I will be in my studio on Friday July 25th from 6-10 pm. Stop by if you are in the area. Pendleton Art Center 1310 Pendleton Street, Cincinnati Ohio  - Studio 608

The Long Goodbye

I put a coat of varnish on The Long Goodbye today so I guess it is finished. I also put finishing touches on two other paintings. With almost two months under my belt in the new studio I am starting to see a pattern. The idea that I had about expanding details to fill an entire canvas has proven to be the right move. I guess I knew that my desire to be more physical with the work was going to lead to something. It is just more satisfying to me and it fills that void left from my old working style where power tools were at play. Carving out a new way of working is not easy, and takes time to figure it out. The limitations to technique, the window of opportunity to move paint around the canvas. All of it making me better at what I do.

The Long Goodbye: Acrylic on canvas, 40x30 Liz Zorn 2014

Next up, take better photos of the art. I forgot to charge the battery for the Nikon, but am doing it now and have the tripod ready to take with. 

I will have all new and older works on display in Studio 608 for next weeks opening at the Pendleton Art Center. Final Friday Art Walk 6-10 pm. 

Art Show Tonight

I will be in the studio tonight for the art walk at the Pendleton Art Center in downtown Cincinnati. Leaving the folks at home and heading into the city.  I spent most of the day Wednesday cleaning up the place and hanging new art on the walls. The event runs from 6-10pm. I am usually an early out for these things so maybe 6-9 for me. Unless things are really hopping and I will stick it out to the bitter end (ha)...

Pendleton Art Center, 1310 Pendleton Street (OTR Over The Rhine) Cincinnati... Studio 608..

See you there!!

Little River 12x12 acrylic on 1.5 gallery wrap canvas framed, black floater

Little River 12x12 acrylic on 1.5 gallery wrap canvas framed, black floater

Art Comes Alive, The Morning After


The day after a big event is often a quiet one with rest and relaxation. Today is one of those days. It is trying to rain here in the little river valley, Mr Z is cutting grass somewhere back on the property and I am glad I went..

The folks at ADC Art Design Consultants sure know how to throw a shindig. The catered dinner eats were superb, wine was flowing and the room was a buzz with conversation, a hint of music and art. Lots of wonderfully curated art. It felt good to be out in the art world again. The first show that I had been a part of in over ten years. As most of you know I am also an Olfactory Artist and Artisan Perfumer. My journey has taken me to many interesting places creatively, and now that I am adjusting my life to include both Olfactory and Visual Arts, I feel the circle completing itself. I am ready to settle in and start on that cohesive body of work that I have been complaining about over the past few months.

swag bag from Art Comes Alive

Being in a room with a lot of other artists is very energizing, particularly when some of them are people you know and have not seen in many years. We all work alone for the most part and our lives rarely intersect. Gallery Openings,  Art Walks and the like are just as much a happening for community and staying in touch as it is selling art and commerce. It all goes hand in hand and when it is done right like the event last night at ADC everyone comes away feeling like they were a part of something special. Litsa Spanos and her team at ADC are amazing folks with passion and commitment for art and the community. How they pull this thing together must be a feat carried out by elves and fairies, the magic behind the curtain. A flawless progression of mingling, awards presentation and art appreciation.

Memoriam, my painting in the show Art Comes Alive

Memoriam, my painting in the show Art Comes Alive

Last night I met some amazing artists. They flew in from as close as Chicago and as far away as Montreal and Ireland. Early on I was speaking with an artist who asked where I was from. Not thinking I said oh, I live in Warren County just north of Kings Island. It did not occur to me that she had no idea what that meant, as she had flown in from Seattle and was in Cincinnati for the first time.

Tomorrow I will be back in my studio painting, working on that string of cohesive paintings. I love the work that I am doing right now and have a lot of good energy to pour into it. It doesn't hurt to have a big shot in the arm and a bit of validation to keep things moving along.