Studio 608

Open Studio

Every month the Pendleton Art Center in downtown Cincinnati has an open studio event. I have a studio in the building and try to be there each month if I can. Often times I am in the middle of work and just do not want to move things around and clean up the studio so I do not open. It is strictly voluntary on the part of the artists, yet most do open for the monthly event because it is well attended with crowds of up to 800 or so stopping in during the four hour window. There are eight floor of studios in the main warehouse building (where I am) and more in the annex buildings and galleries within the complex that includes buildings across the street and up the alley. They have live outdoor entertainment in the summer months and people will come from the neighborhood to sit and listen to the band. Food vendors are always on site and each artist has their own mini reception and sometimes big events where galleries in the building or complex coordinate with their own openings.

Yesterday was one of those days where I had a lot of things out and works in progress that I did not really want to move, so to take advantage of the open house, I spent some time yesterday changing out the artwork I had on my outside walls. Artists can hang work on the wall space outside their studios, and I am lucky to have a nice wall for display. If someone were to walk by my studio when I am not there they will see the current long wall with seven paintings, two more on the door and three on the area next to the door. A nice selection of my work. I have a rack with business cards next to the door, so with little effort I can be contacted and make arrangements to meet up at the studio.

This usually works out well, most people are good about keeping their appointments. /Some as I found out last week are not reliable at all, so it is a live and learn experience. Still in all it is a great way to have work on display without having to be there all the time. On several occasions works on the outside walls have been sold on days and nights when I was not there.

I do however love the interaction with the public and try to be there when I can. I am working currently on new things for a fall project and am putting a lot of my focus on the coming months and year. I have finally gotten back into a groove with my work and the only thing to do now os move forward.

Thanks to all who support my work, visit the studio and share your enthusiasm for the creative process.

Landscape 2015

After rubbing a couple of nice blister on my hands with my cutting blade (blade paintings) I am taking some time to catch up on those landscapes that have been on the back burner. Not to mention the challenge of a commission in this style after not working this way for over a year.

Vignette Series 2013-14 acrylic on canvas

Vignette Series 2013-14 acrylic on canvas

The real challenge for me is in taking away the hard edged horizon line. I usually either have one like in the painting above, or I eliminate it completely while trying to maintain a landscape feel to the piece. With the new ones that I have been prepping canvas for, I am doing my best to remove that hard line and replace it with gestural lines while working the composition out and painting with a loose stroke using a Catalyst wedge. I like them better for softer strokes, better than the metal trowels.

New work in progress, acrylic on canvas 2015.. landscape art

New work in progress, acrylic on canvas 2015.. landscape art

I also feel like I need a break from the hard edge altogether. Something is pulling me to a more organic flow, and honestly I welcome it. Welcome the idea of letting the paint do the work, because those blade paintings are a workout. They have also been on my easel almost non stop for over a year, so it's time for a change. Feeling very relaxed and ready to dive into some color.

Art Show Tonight

I will be in the studio tonight for the art walk at the Pendleton Art Center in downtown Cincinnati. Leaving the folks at home and heading into the city.  I spent most of the day Wednesday cleaning up the place and hanging new art on the walls. The event runs from 6-10pm. I am usually an early out for these things so maybe 6-9 for me. Unless things are really hopping and I will stick it out to the bitter end (ha)...

Pendleton Art Center, 1310 Pendleton Street (OTR Over The Rhine) Cincinnati... Studio 608..

See you there!!

Little River 12x12 acrylic on 1.5 gallery wrap canvas framed, black floater

Little River 12x12 acrylic on 1.5 gallery wrap canvas framed, black floater