Open Studio

Open Studio Recap

FINAL FRIDAY - May 30, 2014. this was my first time to open the studio to the public. I had just moved in over the past week and the artwork hung just a couple of hours before opening.  A modest affair as I still have lots to add to the space. There was a nice turn out for the art walk and I was very pleased with the response to my new work. Words like uplifting, fresh, refreshing were used to describe my recent foray into the world of blue. The blue and blue-centric landscapes brightened the spirit and also lifted the room. People noticed and I could not have been more pleased. I found myself explaining my textural glazing process over and over to curious art lovers and artists alike. Looking at these paintings via. computer or photograph does not really show the technique in it's full glory :)  .. The process is one that I have developed over many years. The texture is like it's own color, adding an element to the work. If it were not their the work would not succeed on any level..... and as you can see, even my choice in flowers were influenced by my new color palette.


Now that I am over this first little hurdle I will start setting up to paint sometime next week. I am also working out the details for teaching classes and workshops in Intuitive Abstraction and Color Field Painting. This will likely start out as a demo class during an open studio event. Lots to think about lots to do...

Open Studio Tonight

WOW!!!... this month has gone by so very fast I can hardly believe that tonight is Final Friday at the Pendleton Art Center in Cincinnati. The monthly art walk where all of the artists in the 8 floor warehouse open their studios to the public. There is live music, food and any number of special events. This is a coordinated effort with the buildings owners and community and has been going strong for more than twenty years.

This will be my first time opening Studio 608 for the art walk. I had hoped to be a bit more prepared but a leaky gas tank has my car in the shop since Tuesday and we have been juggling transportation all week. I finally got a loaner car and will get to use it for the first time today. Wish me luck. I drive like a granny in a new car until I get the hang of it.

I am taking down another ten or so paintings today and hanging the main walls gallery style, of new work. Many of these are also available on the website. A first refusal and a deposit can hold something in the online store, but only for a week. and although I understand that email inquiries can open the conversation. If something sells it sells. I am not going to hold things via the website without a deposit if someone in the studio wants to buy it. Deposits can be made via. paypal, email first for details. Thanks...


This image was taken via instagram on Tuesday, as you can see I am just getting things off the floor, and not leaning against each other. I will re-hang everything today. Some of these are in progress, some need varnish etc... I will say that the light in the studio is so much better than the light in my home sun room. The sun room has trees and a lot of shade on the outside of the house, so having a bright open space really makes a difference.

Final Friday at the Pendleton runs from 6-10 tonight. Located at 1310 Pendleton Street in downtown Cincinnati, just off Reading Road at the upper edge of the Over The Rhine neighborhood.