Cross Over

As always I am living up to my title as a mixed media artist. It isn't often, but occasionally my art life and perfume life have some crossover. I recently relaunched one of my perfume collections, and with the relaunch came a redesign of the packaging. I have always designed all of the packaging art for the brand, and now have chosen some of the images for the new labels from my original paintings in the Landscape Studies (and others) series.

It took me awhile to get these online. But now most of them are online and available for sale. For the most part they are small 10x10 and 12x12 l acrylic landscape studies. My aim has been to get in the flow with this work and carry through with larger works in oil.

As can sometimes be the case, things have not gone according to plan and I am still not working on the larger pieces. Instead I have spent very little time in my studio painting, and most of that has been to finish up things already in progress before moving on.

The new studies are in the studio, but with me not being open during the art walks this summer they have not been seen, or sold, so they are all still available. I do plan on being open for the September Art Walk on the 25th, and I usually have a few sales during the art walk. September is also the month of our Anniversary Auction at the Art Center, so we will have a larger crowd, not to mention that September usually kicks off the fall art season.

Not all of the artwork on the perfume labels is available, but some is, and it is here onsite.

PINK RAIN artwork used on the Violets & Rainwater perfume label

Anyhoo... for those perfume folks interested in the art, it is here. All original pieces on canvas.

Perfume Site: Soivohle

That Was June

Bulldogs Beach: 30x30 acrylic on canvas

June came and went in a flash, but not before I sold three paintings from my Saatchi Art Portfolio.  Three nice sized pieces too. It leaves my studio walls a bit bare, but I will fill in the spots.. I have not been painting as much lately and really need to spend some serious time in the studio. Lots of things in progress, doodles and the like, but nothing serious or ready to go. Besides the doodling, working on new things like this. Aside from the fun little landscapes that break the flow of the larger more intense pieces, I really like this gray on gray  of Bulldogs Beach, and have one on the easel at home. I will probably go more in this direction once I am back in the studio downtown. I had been playing around with the gray with blues and greens as in the Queen City painting. As well as gray and purple, violet and other colors in that range.

Queen City: 24x24 acrylic on canvas

I missed the Final Friday at the studio this month, so next month I should have a lot of new things on the wall. Getting back to painting full time is the goal. It may take a little longer than I had anticipated as my other work is also demanding. I set myself a two year time goal and I am about six months in on that. It would be nice to come back here at the end of that time frame and say, yes I did it.

Studio News

Can't believe that it's the end of the month again. Art walk this Friday from 6-10. I plan on being there if all goes well.

We had repairmen in the building last week fixing the windows and as a result I had to move a lot of things away from the windows, which included my desk and printer. I still don't have everything back to normal, so I am suspending the online prints until I am back in business. Will not be long. In the meantime I have updated my often neglected page at Fine Art America, with some of the new small paintings, available as prints. I have them available as prints only, but they have several options including, gallery wrap canvas, paper prints, prints on metal, with a lot of options for framing. I am not offering any of the other items such as greeting cards, pillows, totes, phone cases etc... If you do see something in one of those items that you would like to purchase I can add it to the site. Just ask... As always the only work that I make available for prints are the small landscapes and a few works on paper.


I am continuing to work on the small landscapes because my time at the moment is very limited. We are updating all of the Soivohle (my scent work) products and I am also tinkering around with a new Scent Art Installation. Once I have it all worked out with the formulations I will look for a venue. Possibly for something this time next year. It takes a lot of time and effort to create a scent installation....

More good news: After the initial sales from the YWCA Show opening last Friday, I shipped out three more paintings on Tuesday. Not to jinx the sale, I am just going to say a little YAY!!!.. and update if everything goes through. Should have the final word by Wednesday.

Looks like two new commissions could also be in the works, both for landscapes done in the style above. Very happy with all the good juju being tossed my way lately. Sending it backatcha Universe.... till next time...

Landscape cont... Bulldogs Beach

Something interesting happened in the studio today... I achieved a goal.. well, maybe not that lofty, but I did end up with a painting that pleased me. One thing you learn if you paint long enough... thinking can screw a lot of things up. So I've been thinking :) about landscape and what that means or doesn't mean to me. The fact is, anyone can paint a landscape, copy what they see in nature. For me that does not bring happiness, to me less is always more, reducing things to their essence. One could argue that such reductions are lazy or minimalist wack a doo doo.... and then I think about the other end of the argument. Maybe what we see as painters isn't all that important, or important to replicate on canvas. I see a tree I paint a tree..... Maybe the important thing to ask is what do I feel. How do I feel. Not about the tree or painting a tree, but how does a tree make me feel. Can I paint that feeling. Is it important to paint the feeling or just follow the crowd and paint a damn tree, so that people will look at it and say well,... yes that is a tree...

Today I followed my own advice and just went with the feeling of what I was doing. I let all of the mental chatter come and go, like a Zen session, but with paint and an end game. I had been thinking about my dad, mainly because I had a dream about him this past week and he was still on my mind. When he was alive he would hop in the old 34 and head out to his favorite fishing hole; a secluded quarry lake a few miles from the house. It was his Zen, his place to be alone. As I worked on my painting, I could feel it all coming together. I wasn't trying to force it to be something that others would like, or to follow a structure or training or anything related to the text book definition of what art should be. I was allowing it to be something that I would love because I loved the feeling, I loved the memory, I loved my dad. When I finished the painting I started to cry. I sat there looking at it for the longest time and I thought, it might not make sense to anyone else, but I don't care. It's not my job to make it make sense. So, yes in a way it was like achieving a goal, a goal to follow my heart. How often do any of us ever really do that...

Bulldog's Beach: 30x30 acrylic on canvas

Note: My fathers nickname was Bulldog. He had a pet bulldog as a young boy, and somehow got tagged with the name.


In relation to other winters ours was not all that bad, it just ended on a cold and dreary note which made it seem like it was overly cruel and lasted forever. Now we are getting the wind and rain of spring but I am not going to complain, it is warmer, enough for sandals and t-shirts, my kinda garb...

This also marks the beginning of my art season as I am inspired to create a new body of colorful paintings. I have been dividing my time between the studio in the city and the small space in my home sun room. Hopefully I will be able to get my real home studio back up and going now that we have a new roof on it. Lots to do this year. I plan on keeping the city space and have even entertained the idea of opening my own gallery (again) but this time with only my work and perhaps a few guest artists from time to time. It would be a working as well as exhibition space, and I have been thinking more along these lines since learning that several of the artists on my floor at the art center will be leaving. My space is really too small and it doesn't look like I will be able to get anything larger for awhile, even after being on the waiting list for almost a year. All of this of course will be in direct relation to how well I am able to juggle the work load of my Artisan Fragrance line against the greater demands of creating and marketing art... Not bad problems to have, but still trying to make the best decisions.

Reflecting Pool, in progress, acrylic on canvas, 24x30

Tangerine Pussycat

What does that mean???...... A few weeks ago I was flipping through the TV channels and stopped at a repeat episode of CSI. One of the characters was named Tangerine. I thought to myself I love this word, the way it sounds when you speak it out loud, the color, the fruit the song (old song) and a zillion other things. I could not get this word out of my head so I decided it would be the focus of a series. Pussycat, well....... that's a given, particularly if you know me. I have been doing cat rescue and living with cats my entire life. So this new series is an homage to tangerine and cats.

If you are thinking that art must have some deep meaning or that every artistic venture must come from the depths of the soul, sorrow, loss or struggle; It just ain't so. Most of my inspiration comes from everyday stuff. I am a pragmatist. I try not to get too insane about why I do what I do. I just do it because it feels right at the time, and Tangerine Pussycat is right for now.

These first canvases are looking pretty bold at this stage of the layering but will be toned down a bit as I begin to lay in more opaque/matt colors in the form of washes. the bold under painting is there because I use a razor blade to scrape down into the paint to reveal what is underneath. Like carving out the composition, but on a canvas instead of a lump of clay. The base layer is made of modeling paste, gels and color, so there is texture at the core. Depending on the depth of paint layers much of the texture can be covered over with only the cut areas revealing texture in strategic places.

Beginning: Textured layer with color.

Beginning: Textured layer with color.

Canvas #1 first layers of color.

Canvas #1 first layers of color.

Canvas #2, first layers of color

Canvas #2, first layers of color

As these paintings go through the stages of completion more of the original blue will be pulled through. Adding dashes of color in specific places will allow me to come back to it, even though for a time it will be covered up.

At the end of the day these will be landscape paintings similar to works like Red Sail and others from last year.

Red Sail, acrylic on canvas 2014

Red Sail, acrylic on canvas 2014

Snow Days

Made it down to the studio on Saturday to pick up some supplies and water my orchids. After being teased with potential blizzards over the past weeks we finally got our boat load of the stuff and as a result I opted for setting up a makeshift studio in the sunroom (at home). There isn't a lot I can do in this space so I have opted to do some works on paper. Moving from palette knives and masonry trowels to essentially finger painting is a bit of a curve, and I am always surprised at what comes out of me when I switch from textured canvas to paper. But with this work I must be channeling my palette switch from last summer when I went from the bright colors and lots of blue to this limited earthy palette.

I don't really have a plan other than just painting, and this is fine with me. In the past I did a lot of paper studies that I would transfer (style wise) to canvas. Not sure where this will go or if I will even continue it once I am back in the studio on a regular basis.

New: acrylic on gesso textured paper. 12.5x19.5

New: acrylic on gesso textured paper. 12.5x19.5

New: acrylic on gesso textured paper. 12.5x19.5

New: acrylic on gesso textured paper. 12.5x19.5

Occasionally I will sneak a landscape in there (hehe..)  but for the most part I am still where I left off with the acrylics on canvas last year. Even the new in progress works in oil and cold wax I have going at the studio are in this limited earthy palette. Funny how consistent color can make a mish mash of half baked ideas look like a cohesive body of work...

Untitled: 2014 acrylic on canvas 12x12

Untitled: 2014 acrylic on canvas 12x12




Step by Step

It was hot in the city today. Even with the air on my studio never seemed to cool down to a comfortable level. But much better than the community areas of the building without air. I finished up the last of the small 12x12 canvases that I had been working on and started to work in layers to the three 18x18's that I had added the first layer of texture to on Saturday. I still have three larger works in progress and add to each of them every time I go to the studio. I am about half way finished with all of them and will likely have them on the wall by the next art walk.

I started adding some additional images of the available artworks to the website. Interior shots of rooms with my art on the walls. It is a good way to evaluate the art in a space as well as the size.

I really like how Caeruleus looks on this wall. It has a Southwest vibe as does the artwork. I wish I could convey the way the light hits this painting. It has a luminous quality that I just love, and the blues and greens are just amazing.

Little Yellow: I went out with a bang on those small landscapes. This one was the lone stranger, tucked away in the corner of the room waiting to be finished. I am not usually this all over with the bold color but this was fun to finish and I really hope someone sees the amazing things going on here. That textural under painting of sky blue really pops, pulling the entire piece together. I hesitated to add any more of the darker blue and opted instead to add the cadmium red impasto at the last minute. I love how this happens sometimes with a piece. and it really is why I love spontaneous gestural decisions.

Little Yellow: 12x12 on gallery wrap canvas ready to hang. Liz Zorn 2014

SOLD: End Game, Saturday Art In Action

I will be in the studio painting today for Art In Action. The Art Center will be open to the public from 11-3 today. Stop by if you are in the neighborhood. Pendleton Art Center 1310 Pendeton Street, OTR  downtown Cincinnati. I have three small works in progress that will be on the table and three large works that will be alternating on the easel as I move from one to the other working in layers and color.

Final Friday Recap: Had a great night last night, lots of art lovers in the building. Sold this piece. A great opening night for my first month in the studio. Quite a bit of interest in my newer works so I am pleased with this response. Nothing like getting immediate feedback on your work.

End Game: acrylic on canvas 24x24 2013 Liz Zorn

End Game: acrylic on canvas 24x24 2013 Liz Zorn

From last night, a wall of art in the studio. Everything all cleaned up for the show. Going back into work mode today for the art demo. More blue on the way, more landscape inspired works, river inspired works... Water has me in it's spell again and I am helpless to resist.