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Mapping the visual world through a nebulous lens. Varying degrees of tangibility and culpability.


Mini Canvases: 6x6 each, acrylic, ink and graphite

White Out

Sitting in the gallery yesterday as my show was going up, I felt a bit overwhelmed and a bit relieved. Overwhelmed by the amount of work and the time it takes to create it and relieved that I am finally at a place where I want to move away from the white paintings a bit. In the studio this morning it was like a new day (well it was a new day) but in a psychological sense.
Studying this work done over that past five years I can see where some things have stayed relevant and others have been phased out. Phased out of the decision making. Not always consciously. It doesn't become apparent until everything is observed from a distance.
Being the observer is the job.
It has also been a time of making adjustments. Being more forgiving of my body's ability to perform. I have noticed with my olfactory work I am less attuned to scent. I am not sure if it is related to the progressing stages of my MS or if it is just due to chronic sinus problems. either way, I am happy (at the moment) to continue producing the essences that are currently in my online portfolio at and possibly releasing earlier finished work over time.

As for the art, it was always a love/hate relationship. Probably because I have been doing it since childhood, and did not grow up to later embrace it as a career as most folks do. In a way I envy people who go all the way through the growing stages of youth only to realize once in college or after, what they want to do with their lives. They had all of those early years to be free of occupational obligation.
But it is what it is and life has a way of rubbing our noses in the dirt if we get to cocky. Like attaching words like master to our names or work. It is almost like saying to the Universe, kick me, kick me hard, I deserve it.
Kicking my own ass when I get to big for my big girl pants. and never using the word master to describe myself or my work. I prefer the work hack. Call me a hack, as I am hacking along, trying to figure it out everyday. Never quite getting there, but showing up just the same.
It isn't some kind of reverse bullshit kind of thing, or affected gibberish, but rather an attempt to always have feet on the ground and a solid knowing of who I am and what I am capable of in any given moment.

So here we go again, changing, but not really. Altering, but only slightly.


Opening May 4th 2018 5-9pm 124 West Pike Street Gallery, Covington Kentucky.
Located just across the river from Cincinnati Ohio, Covington Ky has a rich artistic history and vibrant art scene.
I am happy to be working again with art dealer Suzanna Terrill, the new director of the Pike St Gallery.
Andante is my first solo show in many years. Having taken some time off to work in the Olfactory arts, it has been a great boost to be able to jump back into my visual work and have that work be so well received.

For the last four years I have been working  (in a way) to regain my footing. Leaving behind a style of working, creating constructed found object art, to a place where canvas, paint, palette knives and brushes are my day to day choices.

Watch Out Daisy: 24x24 oil on cradled birch wood

Watch Out Daisy: 24x24 oil on cradled birch wood

ANDANTE: Is a look into the past two years of work. Work that I have approached with a bit of restraint. Not wanting to get ahead of myself, and at the same time wanting to fully understand where I am and how emotion and feeling affect my work. It has also been about putting into practice my daily meditations, observations and general philosophy of being in the moment and letting that energy pull me along.
Like andante, it is a slower movement, a walking pace.

All of the work in the show are oil paintings, either on paper, wood or canvas.
Show runs May 4th thru the 25th 2018

New Work and A Show

It's been awhile since my last blog post. I have been busy and also spinning my wheels. Trying to get work finished anddeal with family and life issues at the same time; or maybe it's all the same thing. Nothing escapes the brush.
After switching back to oils almost exclusively at the first of the year I am just now getting settled in with it. Preferring to work on panels and un-stretched canvas tacked to the wall.
UPCOMING - I will be part of a two person show at the Bears Mill Art Center, Clark Gallery, Greenfield Ohio: Opening July 28th from 6-9 pm.
I will be showing mostly new work including oil and acrylic on canvas, oil on paper and oil on panel.

oil on paper

oil on paper

BLINK ART RESOURCE: I have partnered with Blink and Art Design Consultants in Cincinnati. They will be handling some of my work exclusively for the next year.
I am still working with saatchi art online and they continue to sell works from my portfolio, including a new piece Song For Cecil that went to a collector in London England.

Song For Cecil - SOLD

Song For Cecil - SOLD

OPEN STUDIOS - I have had my studio open for two of the five open studio events this year at the art center. Not a great track record, but I am going through some growing pains and need a larger space. Having to clean everything up and make it accessible to the public is a bit of a challenge with work is in progress and lots of wet paint, so I just don't open that often. I may have the opportunity to get a much larger space, but everything depends on who has first refusal and the increased cost. Always something to juggle with art.

Vestige NEW YEAR

February is almost here and I am just starting to get into a groove. Painting over a lot of things from last year and stretching new canvas. I always laugh when people ask about my inventory. I do have older paintings in storage, but for the most part things that can be painted over get painted over. I am painting over several things now and stretching new canvas as well. It is the early bird who gets the worm, or painting. Nothing is safe from the gesso..

As always I find myself over thinking my work and then not being happy with it. Turning over a new leaf and just letting it rip. That's my motto for the year.. Lets see how long it lasts. LET ER RIP...

VESTIGE I - mixed media on canvas 20x20x2.5

VESTIGE I - mixed media on canvas 20x20x2.5

Two If By Sea: mixed media on canvas 30x30x1.5






The End

We are nearing the end of the year and I am in a strange place. Feeling like I got punched in the stomach after our election, and trying to process it through my work has me somewhat paralyzed and at the same time has opened up a new door to an old project that we may just get finished by the time January rolls around. 

For the longest time I have been wanting to move back into my home studio, but there was no place to put all of the stuff that had been stored there while I was working elsewhere. Now we have a new huge storage container on our back property and I can start moving things out. Old furniture from my perfume studio, recording studio tables and racks. Packaging materials. Some things will be sold at a later date, but for now to just get them out of my studio so I can start getting it back in working order is priority number one.

I do plan on keeping my studio in the city, but am undecided how to best utilize each space. The city space is set up for painting and exhibiting art, so I will probably move a lot of the art materials from the city, my desk and fine art printer, etc.. Not sure yet about the large easel. How ever it all ends up I will feel better about it all and my ability to move around and work more freely.

In the meantime I am working on the oil/wax on wood paintings, small pieces, while stretching canvas for larger works. The focus of the oil paintings has drifted to the same frame of mind I was in all summer working on the small square acrylic paintings. At first the work went in a different direction, but now everything has gravitated back to what Matisse called the mark of the personality. The mark of my personality is messy, mark making, intuitive, deconstructed. The beginners mind. The place where everything always ends up for me.

Intersection: oil/wax on cradled birch wood 16x17x2

Stone Paper

After a couple of weeks experimenting with oil on stone paper I have come to the conclusion that my best course of action was my first thought. Thin washes of color with just a hint of wax and drying medium in the paint allow for an overnight dry and the ability to work the piece more quickly without any cracking or adverse reactions.

I do love this paper but it has a fragile quality. It can be scratched and pitted, so great care must be taken to make sure it is worked on a clean surface. Cut on a clean surface... Other than that I have not encountered any negatives, but the day is still young, so to speak.

Full sheet, stone paper 16pt. 38x28. Oil and wax wash. Dry to the touch in one day.

Terra Animam

This is the time of year that resets my body clock as well as my soul clock and reconnects me to the land. I love autumn I don't love winter. I love the crisp thin air and unfiltered sun, the shadows the angles of amazing light, the colors, the sounds and the smells.

It is a time for soups and sweaters and deep complicated poetry. It is a time for examining subtext and metaphor.

Terra Animam: oil/cold wax on cradled birch wood. 16x16x2

Terra Animam: oil/cold wax on cradled birch wood. 16x16x2


I am still working from home mostly to finish some small paintings, and in the middle of it all I am changing up my palette to one that is warmer, earthy and soulful. The switch back to oils has been a bit of an up and down, but now I am in my groove and feel good about moving on to larger pieces. Going back and forth from canvas to wood has also been a yin yang of indecision. I think with the more washed out paintings I like canvas and for the textured pieces with a lot of wax I am leaning towards the wood. We are in the process of building some large cradled panels for the studio in the city and I am about two weeks away from having all of the smaller in progress pieces finished. This will also get me beyond a deadline that I have for the end of October. After that I will have a nice stretch of time to finally move things back from home to the city and take a few days off before starting on the new work.


Public Art

I have had seven paintings selected by Hotel Covington, a new boutique hotel in Covington Kentucky (across the river from Cincinnati) to be displayed in their new building. All are from the older colorful landscape - ish works from a couple of years ago. Will get some photos of the work after it has been installed.