This month marks ten years that Beanie has been a part of our family. They said he wouldn't survive long, that he should be put down. I thought otherwise.
Beanie is a warrior. My Pinkie Bean is a true warrior. Once we figured out how to best take care of him, he thrived. For the most part he has been healthy and happy. He loves his fur brothers and sisters and he is the king of the house. He will try to bully the biggest boy in the house and chase Lola around until she goes off and hides from him. Beanie loves Lola. He loves life and I am blessed to have him as my best friend and companion.

Over the years I have created work to honor the Bean, and this month I started a painting that turned into a whole series of paintings.
It is a bit out of my comfort zone with all of the pinks and reds, but still feels right. Bright and colorful, like the Pinkster himself.

When people ask artists about inspiration, I always say that it comes from my everyday, always what's happening now. Nothing planned ever works out, so I paint what I feel in the moment.

Liz ZornComment