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WOW!!......... as of Sunday I am officially without a studio. We moved the last of the contents of the PAC storage space to home storage. It is such a strange feeling. I have nowhere to go, haha...
Not a big deal since I have turned my home sun room into a makeshift studio until the work is finished on my new space.
What I would love to do is rehab my old home studio building. Mr Z is doing work on it. All of the wooden flooring inside needs to be replaced as well as the back outside wall. In the meantime it is being used as storage and will likely be that way for a long time.
I have been moving a lot of things around, trying to get comfortable in my space so that I can work. It's an adjustment, more mentally than anything else..

Online Store - I have added e commerce to my website, with a small selection of works available. The pricing is the same across the board as with our galleries and other online sources.
Where things differ is with the shipping. Our rates are the exact rates charged by the shipper, plus we have free shipping on all small works.

This has been a long time coming, and something that many of our clients have been asking for. We are also working with a select group of designers, and welcome new inquiries.

ANY QUESTIONS - please contact me directly.. Liz

New Work - I don't know what it is but after a big show I tend to go through a skin shedding phase.  I am at that place now, teetering back and forth from the more minimal work that I had been doing and the Shoshin series that are more overt. Shoshin started out with a nod to my virtual mentor Shunryu Suzuki, and quickly evolved into a series within the series, as an homage to the life and passing of my cat Cecil.


Now I am back to that original  Shoshin, style, with more boldness and less concern with process.

I read an article the other day that said: artists with the loudest mouths, bad behavior and obnoxious egos are usually more successful in the art world. The quiet artist, and more often the better artists who let the work speak for them tend to be less successful in the public arena. This is sad, because the silent observation of an exceptional work of art, can be louder and more explosive than all the ego in the world.
We should teach this to children, to be able to know silence and also know that is is not without volume.
We should teach this to adults as well. Learn to be comfortable, surrounded by the loud quaking silence that is life.

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