What Does It Mean

At the last open studio I was feeling a bit under the weather, so what I thought was going to be a long night actually turned out to go fast and was quite nice. I sold three paintings early on and as my partner reminded me, if I had stayed home I would not have sold anything. Point taken!...

I doubt that realists get this question, or maybe not so often. "What Does It Mean".. People think that abstract art has to mean something or that there is a subtext or message in the paint. Not true, at least for me. I try to approach each painting like it is a new day, clean slate, no baggage. Sure it will take on a personality as I work it. It will take on a life that is made up of moments and sometimes powerful moments. But not always. Sometimes I just paint for the pure visual joy of it. For the love of color, texture and flow.

With the new work and the mark making, I get a lot more inquiry as to what it means. I try to be as honest as I can, but mostly I just don't really know the answer. or maybe the answer would never live up to the expectation.

Sometimes I wish I could bring more of this existential hypothesizing to the table, and then the thought of it wears me out and I need to conserve my energy.. :)