Already hot and muggy so I am staying put in my cool home studio for a few more weeks. Even with the air in the city space it is hot, so just going down once a week and appointments.

Started a new group of paintings yesterday. All 20x20x2.5 I really like deep set canvases for small works. and sometimes it is nice to have a break from stretching canvas. I also feel a need to return to my grids. Not the found object grids of the 90's but a smaller series of canvases that can be hung in a grid pattern. This will put me in a bit of a new place with the work moving forward and at the same time allow me to continue painting when my arms just are not up to a large piece.

I have some ideas for the small grids 6x6 and will start on them next week. In the meantime I am adding a layer of modeling paste texture to around 15 20x20's.

I am taking from the idea of Autonomy, where as a lizard can regrow a tail that it has lost. I find the language interesting and useful for this work that I want to do. I am also going into my art storage to gather some early grids for study.

Always something...