There is this desire sometimes to build a big fire and burn it to the ground. Piles of artwork that never really resonated with me. I can look at something I painted at twelve and still love it, something from last week and want to rip it up.

I am not sure why there is a premium put on volume. I think it is better to have less. Not to work less but to be less invested in everything one creates. Sometimes a good one escapes and is allowed to live. this is fine with me. Mostly though these days I am more inclined to paint over things that just sit around. Even things that I have never shown or tried to sell. I am back there again, wanting to paint over a lot of things. I will probably do it because the under painting of old work is a nice ground for new work. Nicer than removing it from the bars and rolling it up and storing it away never to be cared about again. After all, it is a kind of therapy, process that one goes through, that I go through to get to another place. Sometimes this results in growth but most times it is just painting in the dark.

So I say to people, if you see something that you like, get it. It may not exist tomorrow...