Minimalist At Heart II

I last posted about this shift in my thinking back in January and now am starting to move in that direction once again. Call it the hope of spring or whatever... This desire to scrape into a canvas full of wet paint and then paint over it to see what peeks through, the remains of the day before. It is intriguing to me. Instead of the notion of peeling an onion as metaphor for uncovering life's bumps and bruises, this work covers it up while some of the fragments remain as little windows into another place and time. I know it isn't all that heavy and philosophical, but it is interesting to create a patchwork of lines textures and shapes, knowing that they will be hidden. As if it is my personal secret. Something that I keep for myself when I create these paintings. or not....

New: Gray Field 2016 acrylic on canvas 24x20

One year ago: Yellow Field: 2015 acrylic on canvas 12x12

For whatever reasons, and maybe it is just me putting away the paint brushes and getting my masonry tools out again. The tools that are most comfortable to me. Beckoning me to drag long swaths of paint across a canvas. The impulsive decisions made, the choices of color, working fast, wet in wet.

However it all goes down, I have set a goal for myself, to stick with this through to the end of the year. It will be my first attempt at ...REAL.. series work since returning to full time painting.