Brush Work

Moving from one thing to another. Sometimes it's hard to leave a comfort zone. I needed to leave my comfort zone. Some of the struggles I have had with my health in the past couple of years along with a desire to stop forcing square things into round holes has led me to make a clean break with my work. Stop attacking the canvas like it is my enemy and just let the paint flow. This new work is bringing brush work back into my life and I am even buying new brushes. Good ones and not just the utilitariandisposable fare. I am also making a pact with myself to go easy on the black and stop digging into my paint with razor blades.... well at least.. mostly!!

It's like baby steps but I am getting a glimmer here and there of what I really loved about painting when I was young. In those days before I started planning everything out, creating detailed constructed pieces; when I felt more like a true abstract expressionist painter rather than a plumber or accountant, meticulously calculating my end game...

New: in progress, acrylic on canvas 12x30x2.5