Cross Over

As always I am living up to my title as a mixed media artist. It isn't often, but occasionally my art life and perfume life have some crossover. I recently relaunched one of my perfume collections, and with the relaunch came a redesign of the packaging. I have always designed all of the packaging art for the brand, and now have chosen some of the images for the new labels from my original paintings in the Landscape Studies (and others) series.

It took me awhile to get these online. But now most of them are online and available for sale. For the most part they are small 10x10 and 12x12 l acrylic landscape studies. My aim has been to get in the flow with this work and carry through with larger works in oil.

As can sometimes be the case, things have not gone according to plan and I am still not working on the larger pieces. Instead I have spent very little time in my studio painting, and most of that has been to finish up things already in progress before moving on.

The new studies are in the studio, but with me not being open during the art walks this summer they have not been seen, or sold, so they are all still available. I do plan on being open for the September Art Walk on the 25th, and I usually have a few sales during the art walk. September is also the month of our Anniversary Auction at the Art Center, so we will have a larger crowd, not to mention that September usually kicks off the fall art season.

Not all of the artwork on the perfume labels is available, but some is, and it is here onsite.

PINK RAIN artwork used on the Violets & Rainwater perfume label

Anyhoo... for those perfume folks interested in the art, it is here. All original pieces on canvas.

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