Time Flying By

I finally got around to adding some of the colorful artwork to the website store. Although it is available elsewhere, some of it is now here onsite. It seems in some ways like I have taken the summer off, I have not had my studio open for the art walk since May and I am going to try my best to be there next Friday night.

I have switched my studio palette to oils and have been trying to find my footing with the new work. I always worked in oils but for the past couple of years I have been doing a lot of acrylic painting. It really does take a brain jog to go back to oils. that immediate gratification that one gets from acrylics is ot there and the process has to change drastically. this is perfect for me in many ways, particularly since I do not drive into the city everyday to paint. what I was working on Monday will still be workable on Wednesday or Thursday. A big plus...  I had this vision of applying some of my acrylic techniques to my oil painting, some are hits others not so much. Still I am happy with my move back to oils, and hope to have more of them available soon.