More Landscape again...

I finished up the last two blade paintings in the studio downtown and started laying in texture for my new landscapes. Working from large 48x36 canvases to small 10x10 studies. There will be no cutting, so it really is a return to last years landscape but with some brush work along with the wedges ( I paint with Catalyst silicone painting tools and wedges) that I usually work with.


I may sneak in a blade painting from time to time, but for now my body is thanking me for the break. I know of an artist who taught herself how to paint with her opposite hand because years of painting had caused her a lot of arm and shoulder pain. I feel that for myself if I take care of my body now I can keep painting for many more years. Plus, with the abstract fields, landscape/color field work the only difference in my approach from the blade paintings is the absence of cutting into the paint. and it is a bit more colorful overall.

SOLD - I also got word this week that three of my paintings have sold. Two from last year (landscape) and one blade landscape that I just finished recently. From what has sold this year and last, almost all of them have a horizon line or have a landscape vibe. Even if my intention is to just create fields, the eye and the mind see familiar themes. People equate a break in the field to be a landscape, and where this is sometimes true, it is not always true, or the intention.