Blade Paintings™ © Razor Blade Paintings™ ©

As things get underway with the new work, classes planned, shows planned, I am thinking of past situations (and reminded by my assistant) where my content has been, shall we say... borrowed without permission. Cross over terms from art to scent (too many to mention) as well as many art related terms that represent technique and process. It is impossible to trademark all of it for the scent business, mainly because there is no copyright in perfumery. There is however copyright in/on art and art process as well as trademark, so before I go any further I am claiming fair notice on my terms "Blade Paintings" ™ © and "Razor Blade Paintings" ™ © . With a pending trademark, intent to trademark registration for both. 

Why.... because this is my work, my ideas, my process. If someone wants to benefit from what I have created they will have to do so legally and with permission.  Liz Zorn 5-6-2015