When I Was Alive

I have been doing shorter days in the studio this month, but going more often. I was not sure I would get anything finished this month but it looks like this piece will squeeze through. I call it When I Was Alive. I have had a lot of ups and downs the past few weeks and in it all I am sometimes left wondering if it is all real. Feeling like all of the energies are drained out of me and at the same time hopeful that good things will come. I am enjoying my work so much these days. Creating work that speaks to the present. Living and painting simultaneously.

When I Was Alive: 36x24 acrylic on canvas, almost finished.. From the studio today.

I really do like this piece. I had some moments with it where I scraped off a lot of paint and redid a few areas. Each time leaving an added element of distress. I figure that it is supposed to go this way. Something within me putting on the brakes, making me stop and pay attention to what I am doing, even if I am not quite sure what that is. At least in the end it all eventually comes together and I DO appear to know what I am doing. A save I guess. Keeping my secrets and allowing me to continue down the dark path following that glimmer of light, just out of reach at the end of my road. 

I also had a bit of good news this week. Three more of my small landscapes were chosen for a showcase. The last time we did this all of the work sold. Hoping for a repeat.

I started out this year with the hopes of building a nice body of work, but so many of them have sold that I still do not enough work to show to a gallery. Maybe this is a good thing, that I am doing it on my own.