Before I left the studio on Wednesday I painted over two of the large canvases. I really like most of the work going on in the demarcation line of many of my recent paintings and wanted to take those elements, the details and blow them up to cover the entire surface. I want to resist the temptation to add that line or gesture that zeros in on familiarity. I keep thinking of my theme, Living Water and thinking also Living Sky, Living Earth. Using only color and texture to convey the concept, and relying less and less on a rigid dividing line... More in line with my earlier textural works, but with more color, lots more color.

This detail from the painting Impress Me is an inspiration for what I want to achieve in these painted over canvases in the studio. They are larger, and with the larger works I do not want to tighten up and put all of my energies on a horizon line that has me at the end of the day painting over it.

Impress Me: Detail from this work on panel..