I know it's rude to have a party but secretly wish it were all over and you were doing other things, but that is exactly how I have been feeling the past few days. when I finished the last paintings in the studio I knew that I had arrived at the place in my evolution with this new technique where it would be advantageous for me to create a series. Series are a tricky thing. They can be very singular and boring, or they can have a common thread that allows for a full exploration of a theme. I thought long and hard about how to move forward with it and decided that I would pull some of my thoughts about the work forward to a more audible pitch. When I am working on one of these paintings the technique is to apply texture and paint in layers over the entire canvas. Once a certain level is achieved the paint is then scraped into to pull off some of the surface paint to reveal the colors underneath. Like the metaphor of peeling an onion. The series will be called "SKINS" it takes from the actual technique as well as the human skin and the layers of thought and emotion that fill our heads, heats and actions. It will be subtle work, exploring the finer aspects of this technique, taking me back a bit to a time when my work was very minimalist with only texture to convey an idea.

Detail: Change In The Weather

More like this detail from the painting Change In The Weather, but with smaller areas of intense color such as this detail from Timbre.

Detail: Timbre

The plan is to work on both paper and canvas. Starting with smaller pieces and moving to large squares. So as much as I enjoyed our open studio last night I am ready to get to work on my future. After almost two years of part time painting and juggling two businesses I am really happy that I have found my footing. I am not sure it would have all happened if not for moving into my new studio. A place where I can concentrate my full attention to art.

Having said all that I am also not that excited about a complete return to series work and this may also just be my way of defining the technique. Because in reality the word "Skins" is just as much about the technique as it is philosophy. Maybe even more so. This is good because it can follow the whole line of progression and not just these beginnings. However it turns out, I know I am very happy with the way it has all evolved.