The Long Goodbye

I put a coat of varnish on The Long Goodbye today so I guess it is finished. I also put finishing touches on two other paintings. With almost two months under my belt in the new studio I am starting to see a pattern. The idea that I had about expanding details to fill an entire canvas has proven to be the right move. I guess I knew that my desire to be more physical with the work was going to lead to something. It is just more satisfying to me and it fills that void left from my old working style where power tools were at play. Carving out a new way of working is not easy, and takes time to figure it out. The limitations to technique, the window of opportunity to move paint around the canvas. All of it making me better at what I do.

The Long Goodbye: Acrylic on canvas, 40x30 Liz Zorn 2014

Next up, take better photos of the art. I forgot to charge the battery for the Nikon, but am doing it now and have the tripod ready to take with. 

I will have all new and older works on display in Studio 608 for next weeks opening at the Pendleton Art Center. Final Friday Art Walk 6-10 pm.