Direction Home

Moving from one place to another in a zig zag fashion, circling back around and then moving ahead. This is how I would describe my last few months. In the studio yesterday I was just about to finish the new painting "The Long Goodbye" when I realized that I had left my sanding block on the kitchen counter. Perhaps a good thing as it gave me extra time to examine this work.

Detail: The Long Goodbye

This is another piece that runs through the line of thought that created paintings like Memoriam, Impress Me, Plenty, the new Satellite Blue, Violet, etc... It is a deliberate layering and removing of paint and texture. This image detail shows a textural element that is being worked. It is very rough to the touch which is why I wanted to sand it down a bit before adding another color wash. When I get to the final layers they are very thin washes that give the painting an almost leathery appearance. When I am back in the studio tomorrow I will finish it and move on to another larger piece. This one is 40x30 vertical. I liked the detail shots of this piece so much that I used another of them to create a new postcard. Now that I am heading in the direction ahead of me instead of the one in the rear view mirror, I am happy to announce that this is what I will be doing more of, or what you can expect from me as an artist, as every piece in progress right now seven in all, are in various stages of completion in this style. Not that I will not slip in a few totally unrelated pieces from time to time. We all do that. But this color palette is very pleasing to me as the larger areas are more subtle and muted and the scratches into the layers reveal many different colors. 

New postcard featuring a detail from the painting "The Long Goodbye"

Flash forward: I finished The Long Goodbye today and almost refinished Out On The Town... I had signed out on the town back in april, but the more I looked at it the more I wanted to make some changes, so I did and I am happy about it. I have been spending a few Sundays in the studio but may head down there tomorrow to finish Out On The Town while it is fresh in my head... I will need to photograph some of the new artwork anyway, so charging up the Nikon just in case..

ok, flash forward again it is now Saturday morning and I have a few changes to make to this painting before it is finished. Nothing major just an area where I want to enhance the grid... I kept thinking about it after I got home from the studio, so to quiet that nagging voice in my head I will make the changes....