Step by Step

It was hot in the city today. Even with the air on my studio never seemed to cool down to a comfortable level. But much better than the community areas of the building without air. I finished up the last of the small 12x12 canvases that I had been working on and started to work in layers to the three 18x18's that I had added the first layer of texture to on Saturday. I still have three larger works in progress and add to each of them every time I go to the studio. I am about half way finished with all of them and will likely have them on the wall by the next art walk.

I started adding some additional images of the available artworks to the website. Interior shots of rooms with my art on the walls. It is a good way to evaluate the art in a space as well as the size.

I really like how Caeruleus looks on this wall. It has a Southwest vibe as does the artwork. I wish I could convey the way the light hits this painting. It has a luminous quality that I just love, and the blues and greens are just amazing.

Little Yellow: I went out with a bang on those small landscapes. This one was the lone stranger, tucked away in the corner of the room waiting to be finished. I am not usually this all over with the bold color but this was fun to finish and I really hope someone sees the amazing things going on here. That textural under painting of sky blue really pops, pulling the entire piece together. I hesitated to add any more of the darker blue and opted instead to add the cadmium red impasto at the last minute. I love how this happens sometimes with a piece. and it really is why I love spontaneous gestural decisions.

Little Yellow: 12x12 on gallery wrap canvas ready to hang. Liz Zorn 2014