Art Comes Alive, The Morning After


The day after a big event is often a quiet one with rest and relaxation. Today is one of those days. It is trying to rain here in the little river valley, Mr Z is cutting grass somewhere back on the property and I am glad I went..

The folks at ADC Art Design Consultants sure know how to throw a shindig. The catered dinner eats were superb, wine was flowing and the room was a buzz with conversation, a hint of music and art. Lots of wonderfully curated art. It felt good to be out in the art world again. The first show that I had been a part of in over ten years. As most of you know I am also an Olfactory Artist and Artisan Perfumer. My journey has taken me to many interesting places creatively, and now that I am adjusting my life to include both Olfactory and Visual Arts, I feel the circle completing itself. I am ready to settle in and start on that cohesive body of work that I have been complaining about over the past few months.

swag bag from Art Comes Alive

Being in a room with a lot of other artists is very energizing, particularly when some of them are people you know and have not seen in many years. We all work alone for the most part and our lives rarely intersect. Gallery Openings,  Art Walks and the like are just as much a happening for community and staying in touch as it is selling art and commerce. It all goes hand in hand and when it is done right like the event last night at ADC everyone comes away feeling like they were a part of something special. Litsa Spanos and her team at ADC are amazing folks with passion and commitment for art and the community. How they pull this thing together must be a feat carried out by elves and fairies, the magic behind the curtain. A flawless progression of mingling, awards presentation and art appreciation.

Memoriam, my painting in the show Art Comes Alive

Memoriam, my painting in the show Art Comes Alive

Last night I met some amazing artists. They flew in from as close as Chicago and as far away as Montreal and Ireland. Early on I was speaking with an artist who asked where I was from. Not thinking I said oh, I live in Warren County just north of Kings Island. It did not occur to me that she had no idea what that meant, as she had flown in from Seattle and was in Cincinnati for the first time.

Tomorrow I will be back in my studio painting, working on that string of cohesive paintings. I love the work that I am doing right now and have a lot of good energy to pour into it. It doesn't hurt to have a big shot in the arm and a bit of validation to keep things moving along.