Stirring A Big Pot

We took the last trip of really heavy stuff down to the studio yesterday. If you don't count the new bigger than I thought it would be, assembly required, Ikea shelving unit in the back of my SUV. I am sure I can get it in the building and up the elevator with a little help tomorrow, but this is not the pot that I am stirring. That would be the organizing of my print station, so that things will go smoothly when I am working on graphics, and the area where I will paint and the area  I will have for gallery space and display. Making sure as well that I have enough storage (the new shelves) and be able to utilize the space efficiently.

I will be hitting the ground running with the graphics as I am working on two custom projects right now and hope to add more to my workload. I have various online outlets as well for prints and originals and will be adding a section here on site to some of the links. Being independent means doing all the work and selling it too, so I have to do double duty here to get myself back to a place where I can support myself without relying on the funds from my other business.

There has been a lot of interest in the landscape work that I have been doing and I will have at least three new original paintings in the studio on Friday for the art walk. I finally have this one ready to frame.

River Walk 12x18 acrylic on panel, Liz Zorn 2014 framed/black floater.