Final Friday and more Scratch Paintings

Already a month has zoomed passed me. The Final Friday art walk at the Pendleton Art Center is next weekend. Friday the 27th from 6-10 p.m.  In this old warehouse there are eight floors of artist studios. Each a contained unit, private and personally customizable. When the owners built out the studios they only went up so high with the walls. Since then artists have been building up the rest of the walls to the ceiling to create more privacy and security as well as making it more efficient to run air conditioning in the summer. In my studio only one side wall was built up by the artist in the next studio. Three open walls (about four feet of open space) between wall to ceiling needed to be filled in. We got that finished yesterday. For me it is a security issue if I am going to have my graphics equipment there, and it is a must for keeping the room cool in the summer with air conditioning. The building as a whole, community areas etc. are not air conditioned and it can get very hot in summer. I still have several things to do in the space to meet my needs. I will be adding a room divider wall with shelving on one side to store papers and graphics supplies, and art display wall on the other.  I still have to take my large desk, printers etc down to the studio and set up that work area. Hopefully by next Friday I will be a few steps closer to being all set up.

In progress, new acrylic landscape

It doesn't look like much now but this is one of my new paintings in progress. I have been going back and forth with the scratch paintings. This is another larger one that is about half finished. I may still add more color and keep building, or go ahead with my impasto layer and finish it up. I have two more larger ones in progress and six of the 12x12 landscapes. I am starting to tone down the overall color for these. Work best appreciated in person as the nuances of the layers do not translate well to photography.

FOLLOW UP - Not happy with the flow here... have this on the easel to get another layer of paint and texture tomorrow. May even change the layout and re work it vertically as I hardly ever work on a horizontal plane. Perhaps this is why I am not happy with it.


More news on Final Friday in a few days.