Digital World

As I am in the middle of setting up my new art studio I am also trying to tie up some lose ends online. I signed on for another year with Fine Art America the print on demand company who creates fine art prints and various items from original art. Eventually I will be set up again with the printers do do it all myself. At the moment I am able to create a nice archival print on paper, but would like to have more versatility in the future. I have added links to my FAA portfolio "Print on Demand"  and created a page where you can get a digital giclee print based on some originals direct from me, signed and dated.

I am hesitant to offer exact duplicates of originals because I feel that the person who buys the original should have an original that has not been made into prints. This is a personal view on my part. How others choose to handle their work is up to them.


Only a few of the originals are suitable for digital enhancement or detail enhancement, and not everything created will be available as a print. It is purely an aesthetic choice made by me as I apply filters and make changes to the image. Often I will start working on an image that just doesn't evolve in a way that is pleasing to my eye, so I will just move on to the next one. All of the images however are created from a photograph of the original work of art so there are no copyright issues, I own the rights to all of the imagery.

With the print on demand service there are several options including gallery wrap canvas, traditional prints, prints on metal, note cards and new to the site a smart phone case. I am going to get one of the phone cases as soon as I get my iphone upgrade.

The images are more vivid and detailed than the original paintings. This is particularly advantageous for smaller works behind glass. They have a nice visual pop that makes them a focal point in a room. They will not get lost in the surroundings.  Due to the originals being smaller works, I choose not to make available large prints. I like to keep them more in line with the original composition.

The original paintings are created to be viewed from a slight distance and these prints are no different. Up close they are very bold, but from a distance the perspective is clear and the lines all fall into place.