I have noticed a lot of recycling these days. People ripping up pages from old books, scavenging the countryside for old rusty bits and the like... Just to reassemble them into wall art. This is not a new thing, I was doing it twenty five years ago and even then I was not the first person to add the words "Found Object" to my art pieces. I may have been the first or one of the first to use a particular blend of bonding agent applied to primed mural linen with found metals etc fused or otherwise attached to the bonding agent.. and with power sander in hand, grinding down the bond, reapplying more, building a sculptural white field that would later be covered in oil paint. Most people use acrylics for their assemblage pieces, as they usually contain paper that would become very fragile over time if painted with oil. My work however did not contain paper, only metals, so the choice to paint in oil was more a necessity. Acrylics dry too fast for my kind of work and oils, particularly oils applied layered as stains or glazes created the perfect visual aesthetic that I was aiming for.

In my home studio now there are several pieces in progress, pieces that will likely be taken down to my new studio in the city. Pieces that have been waiting patiently for my return.

I am happy to report that I will devote an entire wall to my earlier found object works. Works like this one Resolve: from the series Word Paintings.


Unlike a lot of the chaos in assemblage works today, I always planned out my compositions. Hunted down just the right pieces of found metal. Even today I have a junk pile in my back yard. Waiting for me to stop by and stir things up... The Word Paintings were just one of many series devoted to textural compositions. I will be featuring works from the Word Paintings of course, but also smaller works as in the Tacit Series. seen below.. The Grid Paintings and others where there were just three to five pieces in the series. So many of them were sold and I only have a small number total. But enough for a nice exhibit to show part of my evolutionary journey.


Walking into the ADC Gallery on Thursday to drop off my piece for the upcoming show, it was good to be back in a place where I felt at home with people who are happy to see you when you walk through the door and have a genuine appreciation for art.

Once I am settled in I will have a big bang opening. Probably next month during Final Friday. It will be so much fun... Can't wait!! More to come..