Hit Pause

I have been cleaning out my Middletown studio this week and have one more trip of small stuff to load up. Heading up later to do a little wall patch and paint. We will be getting the keys to the new studio a little earlier and should be moving in next Thursday. In the meantime I have been trying to wrap my brain around the idea of clearing out my makeshift painting space in my home sun room. I have been painting in the sun room for over a year and have piled up quite a mess. It's hard to keep a painting studio clean and tidy on a day to day basis when one is painting everyday. and speaking of painting everyday, I have sort of hit the pause button on my new work. I know that I will have to lug everything downtown at some point so I am trying to finish up things in progress and not start anything new; although I would like to do just that. The work is moving in and out of the horizontal plane. Some works are very delineated while others are not,.. yet still with the exact same process of applying paint.

in progress: landscapes Liz Zorn 2014

in progress: landscapes Liz Zorn 2014

The front piece in the photo is a 12x12 landscape.  These smaller pieces are great for maintaining discipline. With smaller works choices must be made, with less detail and unnecessary gestures tossed aside.

I am also working with a more open palette. I still like my gray, blue field, but am changing it up to incorporate more color. This may just be a reflection of my surroundings. The long brutal winter and now sunny skies, flowers in bloom and a more cheerful natural environment.

These next two weeks are going to be a mad dash to move and then organize my space before getting back to work. I hesitate to call it a series, but am working in a cohesive frame of mind.

Stay tuned...