On the Move

We are there... I signed the lease on my new studio today. 6th floor in the Pendleton Art Center Warehouse. So it is a move back to downtown Cincinnati. I went down today expecting to see a different studio (saw it) but was surprised to find out that another one was available. Between the two the surprise turned out the be the one I wanted.


What this means... Tomorrow will be my last First Friday Art Walk at the Art Center in Middletown. I will stay open for another week and be there for the Women, Wine & Chocolate event next Saturday May 10th. But after that I will start packing up. I have been packing some things and will continue to do so as I get ready for my move. For those interested in the scent bar and that side of my life and work. The scent bar will close. Soivohle will be an entirely online business. I will continue to create Fine Art Scent Installations but this has nothing to do with perfume or Soivohle.. It is strictly about the appreciation of smell as art... Creating Olfactory Installations for business and events as well as smaller displays in studio.

I really love having a studio in the city. I love the energy and the convenience of being able to walk most places.. and the food... did I mention the food, there are great spots to eat in downtown Cincinnati and I can't wait to be in a space where I can get a decent meal or hop down to The Contemporary Art Center, visit some galleries to see the latest shows, grab an espresso... and did I mention painting...yeah! that's what it is all about.

I am lucky that I can pack up everything from the old space going to Cincy and take it down in one trip in the truck. Everything else that I have in my makeshift home studio can be taken in the car at my leisure.

The flagship PAC has their art walk on the last Friday of the month "Final Friday" so I will be open in my new space for the June Final Friday on the 27th.