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Memoriam Follow Up

I really had to work for this one. From the beginnings and the very difficult under painting, to the hard edged landscape to the final piece. It would be an understatement to say that I was unhappy with this canvas.. I wanted to burn it, and at the same time I had a mission. I had given it a name and a history, so I could not bail on it..

Memoriam: finished, acrylic on canvas 40x30

Memoriam: finished, acrylic on canvas 40x30

The textural elements on this canvas were so prominent that I didn't really need to add anything. It was more about taking things away. Instead of knife work and large globs of paint, I opted for brushes and a paint rag to block in the final color. I did take advantage of the under colors and scraped down the paint to reveal the reds, blues and some of the white ground. Very similar to how I finished "Impress Me'  an earlier painting on panel. But the palette here with the gray tones, sienna, blue/gray are very appealing to me right now. I am working with a wide range of blues and purples along with gray black and white. So if I can string a few more of these together I may just be onto something. Although I have said this before. Today it feels more real... If that makes any sense.... but then it's hard to make sense sometimes when one is trying to find footing.