Today at Studio Z I was packing up some non art items to bring home. I am getting myself ready for the day when my new studio will be available. As I was packing things up someone came into the studio and we began a conversation about perfume and scent art.  I explained that I would be leaving soon and that in my new space I would be painting and mounting Olfactory Art Installations. It struck me as I was talking, just how much I have been visualizing a new Olfactory Installation. I have not put a new one together since last summer, and will not do anything new until I am in my new space. Having said that I am still working out the details of a new Installation in my head. Perhaps two or three of them. I will need to build out the space to properly exhibit them, and hope that as I carefully plan this I will be able to finally convey my ideas more distinctly. Having had that conversation today, I am seeing it all in a very real light. Something that I can touch, mentally and (almost) physically.