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Future Work

Now that I have reused many of my old canvases, I am taking the landscapes to that next level. More in line with the minis 6x6 deep set pieces with less overall texture and more attention to color. This is not something new, there are plenty of folks creating these color field-esque landscapes in one variation or another. With mine I am still feeling the need to pull some of that initial color through to the finished layer, rather than just brushing on or laying in accent color. Scraping into the canvas adds a feeling of age to the piece as well as atmosphere, that appeals to me. I am still gravitating to the blues and grays, but with this set of four I am going all in with this orange under painting.

I feel like I have settled in to this and am really happy with the direction of the work. It is also a good lesson in restraint. Less is more looks easy but isn't. I can't say how many times I have found myself over working a canvas only to paint it out and start over. So in essence this new work is a bit about me teaching myself a lesson. Hopefully I learn from it...