New Work

I have added three more new landscapes to the site. Smaller works all 12x12 on canvas. I have more of these in progress and like to alternate from large to small. The square size really suites my sensibilities when it comes to landscapes, more so than traditional horizontal landscapes. I don't really like horizontal landscapes all that much or working wide. I would much rather work on a square or vertical canvas..

These new pieces are some of the old pieces that I painted over. Old paintings make the best new paintings. and... the new paintings on fresh canvas are not as heavily textured, but do have more layers of color.

I know I keep talking about when I move to my new space... But really, I could move tomorrow. I am running out of room to paint and am limited to size. I don't have a wall to tack un-stretched  canvas to, so everything is done from an easel on stretched canvas. Keeping my fingers crossed that the move will be sooner rather than later. Reminds me that I should do a little follow up and see if they have any news on vacancies. Wouldn't that be grand (yay) ..

I am keeping a smaller portfolio online at the moment. At least of available art. If something sells I take it down rather than marking it sold.  There are also different paintings in my saatchi art portfolio at  I have original work on that website and Fine Art America where they offer prints only. I will be closing that one down eventually so that we can offer original signed prints exclusively from my studio.  The prints from Fine Art America are not signed and I do not get to proof them.

Eventually I will create an online portfolio of just images. I will also create a page devoted to the things available as prints. I am going to make several of the new smaller (12x12) landscapes available as same size prints. Same size prints are more realistic when printed and this is a nice size to mat and put under glass. Everything does not work well as a print, and having the option to choose the best pieces myself I can proof all of the work as we test out images.