Welcome and Hello

If you have stumbled upon this website Welcome. I am venturing out into new territory and changing my original Fine Art website that has been active online since the early 1990's. My art career has taken a lot of  turns over the years, none so great as my foray into the world of Olfactory Arts. In 2002 I created a collection of five hand made essences, intending on releasing them as art pieces. What happened was a full on brand of ready to wear perfumes. The beginnings of this venture was financed by my art, and now more than ten years later I am turning the tables. Scaling back my brand Soivohle, and returning to painting. I am also set to release my first "real" fine art fragrance. Something that I call Free Form Scentscapes™ a term that I coined after years of dreaming about the day when I would finally get back on my original path. One that includes painting and scent work.


This new website Liz Zorn Fine Art will be devoted exclusively to my work as an artist. The company and brand Soivohle will continue as a ready to wear line of fragrance, but will remain a complete and separate entity.  I will however still maintain my personal Social media accounts, but others connected to Studio Z, Liz Zorn Arts and Soivohle will see a name change or be phased out.

It was my desire early on to plow through the world of scent, and establish an artistic foundation for the type of early scent work that I was doing. I found that this was not possible as most if not all scent work is either directly connected to or a symbiotic arm of the Perfume Industry and the large chemical companies who control the industry.  As I began to see the writing on the wall my energy for continuing on the path all but dried up and I longed for the days when I was just starting out. The days before Soivohle and the batch and run production.  I wanted to create small single batch essences that could be signed, numbered, bottled and sold as Limited Edition Scentscapes. True art pieces that due to the lack of formula and documentation could not be made more than once.

So this is where I am and this is what my new website will be about. It will be about painting, scent work and eventually poetry, as I go through old manuscripts and published works to lite new fire to my old songbook of writings, prose and free verse poetry.