Layers on Layers

This phase of my process is quick and spontaneous., Layering new paint on top of layers that have already been worked. Building to the final layers and finishing take most of the time. Adding in the details and nuances. It takes several layers to get to the right feel of the piece as I scrape away much of the paint between each layer.

This piece has been through three stages of layering ad scraping down. After the layer that you see here I will go over it in either gray or black and scraping through this layer once dried to reveal elements of the deeper layers. Always keeping my horizon line and specific design features bold and up from t, so that I don't lose them when scraping away the paint. It's a messy process, and I will be very happy when I am back in my regular studio. It will also allow me to work much larger... So come on springtime you can not get here fast enough for me this year..

in progress II liz zorn art.jpg