Is there value in a series of studies. Small sketches or paintings that in some ways prepare one for larger more detail works. I am not so sure, but I do them anyway. Since my full on return to painting last year I have been trying to set a pace and find my voice again. After several months I am finding my way back to the textured works that filled much of the 1990's as well as a renewed interest in the horizon line and cross pattern abstraction.

I am ripping up some Stonehenge paper to create small studies in acrylic and pastel, as well as priming canvas for larger works. I wish I had some of my early works to show here, but it will have to wait until the ice and snow melt so that I can get into my storage unit. As Southern Ohio winters go, this has been a brutal one. No relief at all from ice, snow and extreme cold. I can remember not so long ago when we would get a little snow here and there, and rarely have temps. dip below the freezing mark. So we wait it out. I wait it out.


paper.liz zorn arts.jpg