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Looking Ahead

Tomorrow is the Holiday Open House at the Art Center...


It has been a mad dash so far this month with all of my hats being rotated at breakneck speed. I have not been in the studio all that much, and the time away has given me the distance I needed to think through my current work and where I want to go. I have been presented with several interesting opportunities for the coming year for both my painting and my scent work. The thing I am taking from all this is that I must be hitting the right energy pocket at the right time.

CLOSER - Everyday (and I mean this) I think about this concept and the word CLOSER, rolls around in my head. Being away from the studio I am taking a lot of time to just live with the idea. It all started with a piece of tree bark and moved into an idea of filling a canvas with less clutter. Expanding a detail (like a vein in a piece of bark) to cover the entirety of a large canvas. In the past weeks I have also come to realize that this is also about following the light of the soul. I am not talking about religion, (I have little use for religion) but the energy/light of who we really are. Stripping away all of the external clutter and dogma. Just letting it fall away so the real self can shine through. Like flying without a safety net, or standing alone on the earth and focusing on exactly what we really are and where we are. On a large spinning ball traveling through space. We are astronauts. Star travelers, and not a day goes by that I do not acknowledge this fact. Of course a lot of baggage can attach itself to this reality as well, diluting the purity of the reality. Lucky for me I am not actively superstitious. I do not consult the Zodiac or the Tarot, or become immobile from the silliness of Mercury Retrograde, Numerology or any other external thing that humans tend to attach themselves to. The longer I live, the more things I let go of. The perfect conclusion is to arrive at a place of pure energy. The logical scientist will say that this too is superstition because they have yet to find a way to authenticate it with quantitative analysis. But that is no longer my concern. I used to think it was important to have a scientific model, now I have let that fall away too. Let them play catch up. I am not waiting.

So what is CLOSER...

Certainly not a new psychology... I am done with that too...

My entire life I have been trying to live the truth of my art. Most of the time I had no idea what that was or meant, so I took stabs in the dark. Sometimes it felt like I was making progress and then I would catch up to myself and see that I had been fooling myself. I wasn't getting CLOSER, I was just circling around it. Now I understand that CLOSER, is not about creating things based on other things. It is about letting things create themselves. Let the internal energy and not the external chatter dictate the outcome. So when I get back to the studio to start painting again (after the holiday craziness) I will be taking all of this new reflection with me.  Not as a cerebral exercise, but as stillness that comes from the heart and gut... From that place where I stand on the earth and know what I am.