Art, Cold and Snow

We had our first real snowfall as well as single digit temps. This is the time of year when all of my worlds collide. Add in snow and cold and I am more likely to stay home than journey out to go to the studio.
Even when I have a lot of things in the works.

I have adjusted my palette to reflect my recent moods and inspiration, as well as move in a slightly different direction with the way I apply texture to my canvas and how much of it I reveal in the final work.

This piece (the last thing I was working on) is an older painting that I worked over. Working over old canvas is great because it already has a lot of character. I was able to pull some blue and lighter colors through, but was not all that interested in over doing it. I like the white and black contrast here and will build on that as I finish it up.

It's hard to believe that we are down to the wire with November. The art walk at the Art Center is next Friday night. It is another hard one for me as the family, Thanksgiving thing will be in full swing, and I seldom have the energy to do everything. As long as the weather hold out I will be at the Holiday Open House on the 13th. I will post more on my involvement later.