Was a good day at Studio Lizzie... I started working on my series. Inspired by my growing collection of tree bark and the need to loosen up my composition. I realized that much of the work that I was already doing fit this profile and that if I were to take a detail and enlarge it, I would have what I was looking for in the new pieces. I spent much of my time over the past days in the studio priming and getting my canvases ready to paint. Now that i have a few of them ready I can paint for awhile without having to stop and prep new canvas.

I laid out several works on paper from my portfolio as inspiration for the new paintings. Many of them are white with a little color, and these were the ones that I referred to the most.

This is a work in progress (mostly finished) from the new series. It is the first piece and I actually like it. I will know if I really really like it when I go back to the studio on Monday and look at it with fresh eyes.

Closer Series: Acrylic, Mixed Media on  canvas 24x20