Less Is More

Today was my first day back working in the studio in well over a week. It felt good to be there and to start on some new paintings. It also gave me the opportunity to look at everything with fresh eyes. All of the work, bits and pieces from the past two years. It wasn't until I started working on some primed paper pieces that I realized how much I enjoy just pushing paint around. Not building layers of texture on canvas, or strategically layering in color for later removal. All of that takes a long time to get to the end, and perhaps I really need to have some things be more immediate, with less worry about the end result.

I had some of my old paper pieces at the studio so was going through them for inspiration. This piece

Mixed Media on paper: acrylic, oil, paint bar 2002, Liz Zorn

and others were from that time period just after 911. Until last year I had not even considered working on paper so it had been about 11-12 years. This is somewhat significant because I did a lot of work on paper in the past, probably more than the work I did on canvas, and now I am feeling like YES, lets do more stuff like this and carry it over to the canvas. Be more intuitive and spontaneous and less premeditated and strategic. Not that I am going to stop working on the scratch paintings, just broaden my scope to include more things and see where it all leads.