Changing With The Season

I am still in season flux as we have some warm days like today and cooler ones scattered about. The humidity is lower making things much more bearable in the studio. Windows opened and a fan are all I need at the moment. I am settled in to create several new paintings, some with horizon/dividing lines and some not. I am back in my blue mood this week with everything having some aspect or shade of blue in the composition. Not sure what it is but every time I get out of the blue mood something pulls at me to go back in.. Guess there is unfinished business, and that's ok. I will just ride it out.

This is one of the pieces I am working on. Not as many layers, maybe nine or ten. Using more gesso in the build up layers though. This is just a section of the painting, 36x24. The yellow is the bottom. and I am almost finished with this part. Am also leaning towards a cleaner line. Making it less about landscape and more about color.  It is called Flying Without A Net. My homage to being a free spirit in a world of crazy.

This piece is a 36x24 acrylic on canvas. titled Flying without a net.

All summer I have been working to build a cohesive body of work. Not so much a series but at least thirty or so similar works. As I look around my studio these days I am seeing this start to develop; and not because I have been devoted to the idea. I think it has just been a long settling in period for me. People ask me all the time about the work and I generally have the walls hung with earlier work on one end and newer work on the other. It's much easier to see the progression this way. For my visitors and for myself.

In other news it was a great summer for sales. From my first Art Walk in the new space in June to the open house last Friday where I sold three paintings.  I have also had some success with online sales over the summer.  With all of the sales being new and newer works, I am feeling good about the future, and moving on from other less rewarding things.

The October art walk at the art center falls on Halloween this year and I m undecided as to my plans. Nothing is set yet, but I may be taking the night off to do something else. Will keep you posted.