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More White, again...

I keep going back and forth with the white. Not that I want to change up my palette all that much, I just like how it makes me feel. It is soothing to me and white has always been a very dominant color in my world, particularly my home where all of the furniture is slip covered in white. I have never really created a white themed serieson canvas, but have done several on paper over the years.

I have been looking at a lot of white art lately. I really like the white - ish, encaustic work that I've seen online. Although I do not use encaustic, my work does have that feel to it with all the texture and cutting through the paint and layers of polymer. I do not want to change my technique to accommodate the color white, but instead am building more vibrant under color; color that I can use or not.. Here are a couple of instagram shots of works in progress. Small pieces: one 10x10 the other 6x6.  The point I think is in not going overboard with the rest of the color. This is where a good sanding will come in handy, so when I head back downtown to the studio with all of the work I have done at home this past week I will sand and finish about twelve small paintings. Sanding knocks down a lot of the high points on the texture giving it a more natural look. I like to wait until I have a working composition before sanding, so as not to take away something important. Whereas a lot of the work done this summer has been more chaotic, I am getting into the laid back groove of autumn and cooler temps. Less is more.. Something that I need to remind myself of when I am caught up in the theatrics of painting.