Holidays 2014

I have posted the Pendleton Art Center (and my) schedule on the front page of the website here. This time of year goes by so very fast and will go even faster for me now that I am doing double duty with my natural perfume line and painting.

Over the past few months I have sold all but three of  the small landscapes that I had been working on since spring. I am creating more of them for the holidays, most even smaller than the 12x12 canvases. I have texture drying on several 6x6 canvases in the studio and will also create some 10x10's in the same style. this one below is a 1212 and most of the new pieces will be in this style with less of the heavy impasto work as in the later ones.

Having a limited number of days available to work in the  art center studio I will be creating many of the pieces in my makeshift space in my home sun room office. Thinking now that I should have kept that duplicate set of paints at home rather than taking everything to the city.

That being said, we did get the leaky roof repaired on my home studio building. I am not yet able to get back in it to work, but will hopefully have time to get that space ready for spring. I will keep my city space and have two working studios.

So take note of the schedule on the front page and stay tuned as I will be adding a lot of these new mini paintings to my online shop as well as having them in the studio.