Liz Zorn is a multi media artist who lives in Morrow, a small river valley town in Ohio just north of Cincinnati. She was born in south central Kentucky and moved to Indianapolis Indiana with her family in 1965 at the age of ten. She has lived in Ohio since her mid 20's.

Liz began taking painting classes with H. Willis in Indianapolis after winning a poster contest in the 4th grade. She continued those studies for four years, as well as attending the Herron youth program.
At age 15 she began a part time job at a local community newspaper, where through her curiosity led to a brief apprenticeship as a composition artist.
Something that she continued through high school, college and into her late 20's. Working part time for various newspapers and printers doing graphic design, book cover design and news composition art. She continued painting and showing with small groups and after a short break from art, began painting full time in her mid thirties.

Liz Zorn's art has gone through three major transitions over the years. From abstract expressionism and sometimes landscape painting, to found object constructed works to the current work that incorporates painterly abstraction, minimalism and mark making.

Artist Statement: Art changes: I am always fighting with myself about what I want to do. Philosophically I can say that there is a nagging sub text hiding behind a nebulous haze of atmospheric cerebral chatter. That THING... always present, always elusive. White noise, static, ghosts in the machine..

Painting at this point in my life is about capturing in a tangible way the ghost in the room. Not that it is possible, but making the attempt anyway.

Texture is also a recurring component in my work, it is like another color in my palette. I move back and forth from a traditional brush painted canvas to one that uses no brushes at all. The scraping of a palette knife on canvas, the sound it makes, the internal weaving of my synesthetic sensibilities to sound, color, scent and touch, all factor in. It's a fools dance, a trepidatious dance of love and desire.

Liz is represented online by saatchi art and Zatista.
Galleries include:
124 West Pike Street Gallery, Covington Kentucky,
Blink Art, ADC, Cincinnati Ohio
Indian Hill Gallery, Cincinnati Ohio
Ohio Art League, Columbus Ohio, Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, Illinois

Liz Zorn works from a studio in the Morrow Art Center, Morrow Ohio at 10 Miranda Street Suite #8. Studio visits by appointment.