Artist Statement


Art changes: I am always fighting with myself about what I want to do. Philosophically I can say that there is a nagging sub text hiding behind a nebulous haze of atmospheric cerebral chatter. That THING... always present, always elusive. White noise, static, ghosts in the machine..

Painting at this point in my life is about capturing in a tangible way the ghost in the room. Not that it is possible, but making the attempt anyway.

Texture is a continuing component in my work, it is like another color in my palette. I move back and forth from a traditional brush painted canvas to one that uses no brushes at all. The scraping of a palette knife on canvas, the sound it makes, the internal weaving of my synesthetic sensibilities to sound, color, scent and touch, all factor in. It's a fools dance, a trepidatious dance of love and desire.